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---- Album contains 20 recordings - (16 previously un-released) - from 2014 back to 1970s & 1960s
---- A 4/21/2014 'Old Pro Session' (tracks 04, 05, 06, 19, 20) included many extended instrumental solos by these great musicians: Bass-David Spicher, Drums-Gene Chrisman, Electric Guitar & Dobro Guitar-Pete Wade, Acoustic Guitar-Jimmy Capps (Musicians Hall of Fame), Harmonica-Charlie McCoy (Country Music Hall of Fame), Steel Guitar-Lloyd Green (Steel Guitar Hall of Fame), Piano/Keyboards-Rodger Morris, graciously substituting for "Pig" Robbins (Country Music Hall of Fame) who was ill that day.
---- Thanks to Jeanine & Bill Walker, and to Jeff Walker of AristoMedia, who administers Walker publishing and recording copyrights via Walkerbout Music Group, for permission to include tracks 08 - 17 in this CD.
---- The
physical CD includes all songwriter credits.
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---- Wherever in Texas
---- Blue Ribbon Blues (Vocal by Co-Writer Glenn Douglas Tubb)
---- She Just Gets Even
---- Ernest Eddy and Hank
---- Original recording of Tripod The Three Legged Dog, which led Jerry to more than 40 Grand Ole Opry performances
---- I Hate To Lose You Darlin’ (Live on the Louisiana Hayride, September 13, 1952
**** (Listen to Comments and Show Closing after Jerry's song)
---- Ballad of Donna And Peggy Sue (Vocal by Co-Writer Ray Campi) (Re-Cut of 1959 Tribute to Buddy Holly and Richie Valens)
---- The Man I Met (Vocal by Co-Writer Ray Campi) (Re-Cut of 1959 Tribute to The Big Bopper)

"Wherever In Texas" includes vocal tribute to legendary Texas musicians George Strait, Willie Nelson, and Bob Wills.
"Ernest Eddy and Hank" is a slice of Jerry's life, saluting his early influences Ernest Tubb, Eddy Arnold, and Hank Williams.
Thanks to Margaret and Alton Warwick, owners of the Louisiana Hayride trademark, for use of the "Hayride Sound Recording" in this CD.
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